ED VISA Thailand, Longstay in Pattaya

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ED VISA Thailand, Longstay in Pattaya

***THB26,500*** Welcome to Lotus ED VISA Center. Pattaya, Thailand
Do feel the urge to learn more about Thailand, its language and culture or would you like to become qualified as a TEFL Teacher AND would you like to get rid of the hustle and bustle regarding visa runs and visa renewals?


If you do, why don’t you learn with us and get a one-year education visa, without the hustle of renewing and/or visa-runs every 1 one or three months.

We are accredited by Ministry of Education of Thailand to provide TEFL Courses and Thai Language Courses. Join our course and obtain a non-immigrant ‘ED’ visa, which makes it possible to stay in Thailand during the course.



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โทรศัพย์: 038 414861มือถือ: 086
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